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Making The Most of Your Midterm

“I’m a 6th year student, should I study over Midterm?” We wrote a blog saying that there is no simple yes or no answer about whether or not students should study over Christmas, at this point in the year however, there is a simple answer; Yes. Midterm provides a great opportunity to reassess, to catch up and importantly, to rest. So, we have put together some tips for how to make sure you get enough done so that when you’re back at school you’re ready to go, but also how to make sure you’re re-energised after a draining Winter half term, which for many of you contained exhausting mock exams.

1. Organise things to look forward to

Studying over what are meant to be holidays can be bleak. Therefore, it is important to have a couple of fun things planned during the week. Whether it’s a big party or something small and simple like meeting up with your friends to go to the cinema, it is important that you get a break from the books. We also recommend that some of these activities involve being outdoors, as fresh air can really help to prevent you from feeling house bound. Having these little things planned in advance gives you something to look forward to while you’re studying and can keep you from going mad.

2. Have a clear plan

You should have a clear plan of what you are trying to focus on. First, decide exactly where you want to be when you go back to school. If you have just completed your mocks, try and think about what parts of each subject you struggled with the most. Next, divide up the work needed to catch up on these topics, across your study days. A clear plan can also help keep you motivated as you can tick items off as you go. Being able to look back over the long list of things you’ve done that day can make you feel good about your day and help you to relax that evening, knowing you’ve put in a good day’s work.

3. Don’t try to take on too much

Don’t try to have the whole course covered in every subject by the time you’re back in school. It’s not possible and you will just end up frustrated with yourself when you don’t get it done. Take those clear goals of what you want to have done and commit to completing them. One week isn’t enough to master every subject, but it can help you feel more on top of things.


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