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Why was Pocket Tutor created?

As this is a maths website let’s start with some numbers: Over 40% of 6th year students get grinds.  A ‘cheap’ rate is around €30 an hour for a private tutor. So, for weekly one hour maths grinds during the school year parents spend over €1,000 on grinds. That is a lot of money. If families don’t opt for one-on-one tuition they often send their children to grinds schools, some of which charge €925 per year for weekly maths classes.


The high prices of private tuition greatly restricts the amount of people who can access extra help if they are struggling in a certain subject, or if they are trying to catch up after some time out, or if they just need some support in a certain subject.


Why should supplemental tuition be reserved for those fortunate enough to be able to afford it?


Our goal for this site is to be accessible to as many students as possible and to provide an affordable and effective alternative to grinds.


In our experience of giving grinds we found that they all take on the same structure, the tutor explains a topic, goes through an example and then gives the student a question to try. If the student doesn’t quite get it they try another question. We have replicated this process in how we laid out the site, so that it’s like having a tutor sitting beside you, except there’s no time limit on the help you can get.


We hope you like what we’ve put together, we are constantly trying to improve the site, so if you have feedback please do get in touch. Hopefully we will learn just as much as you!